Mastering these survival skills:
Level 1

☛ Water Purification
☛ Fire Making
☛ Basic Shelters
☛ Edible wild & Preparation
☛ Crafting Wilderness Utensils
☛ Night Navigation
☛ Solitude Mastery (no cell service)

November 3-4, 2019

  • 24 hours
  • The Wilderness Survival course starts: Sunday, November 3rd @ 8:30 am*
    Please note, you must be at the parking lot at 9 am sharp for gear distribution and packing!
  • End: Monday, November 4th @ 11 am

*Please note, we will be traveling in light rain, but in case of heavy rain, we’ll make a rain date.

  • Led by Rabbi Zev Freundlich
    – 25 years experienced Backpacking Guide and Wilderness Survivalist
    – Menahel of Yeshiva Shaarei Arazim of Monsey
    – Founder of Yaalozu Wilderness Survival Camp
  • A hatzolah member will be joining us on the trip
  • Limited to 24 slots
  • All inclusive price , ie. Backpacking/camping/wilderness survival equip. and food, $215
  • Hatzolah members 50% off* (limit to 2)
  • Corporate discounts available**
  • When registering, please make sure to include your cell phone number and email address that you can be reached at for timely updates

*Hatzolah members 50% off; is only if they are willing to assist in an emergency, carry medical gear and other extra gear if need arises.
**Corporate discount; a business that sponsors 4 or more employees is 25% off each employee. Payment must come from the employer/company directly.

Please Note: The weather will be anywhere between the 30’s to upper 40’s. The key is to dress in layers that you can put on or take off as needed.

  1. Can-Do-ATTITUDE!
  2. Comfortable sneakers
  3. Comfortable, warm hiking clothes and coat; (Preferably layered… ie. sweat shirt over flannel shirt over thermal shirt….). Please take caution – all your clothing will smell like fire.
  4. Warm hat & socks – preferably wool 
  5. Rain poncho
  6. Bug spray
  7. Pillow, WARM sleeping bag (rated for at least 20 degrees-  the temperature can go down in the 30’s.
  8. Siddur, Talis & Tefillin
  9. Personal hygiene, teeth hygiene, hand towel, etc.  Please remember: We will be camping in the deep woods. There are no bathrooms or running water. (We will supply water for washing, toilet tissue and a shovel). Please think it through now, and prepare of what else you might need.
  10. Warm sweatshirt, sleeping and/or lounge clothing and footwear (the trail can be wet and muddy, you might want to change into something like crocs).
  11. Optional: High energy snacks and drinks (because although we supply trail mix and water, you may have your own personal taste).
  12. Optional: Camera, warm work gloves, lighter, 2-way radio, sleeping pad, whistle, hydration system. Sleeping pad -for extra padding below and warmth.
  13. Release of Liability Agreement – Please read it carefully, sign and email to zevfreundlich@gmail.com.

Please note, you’re welcome to bring anything you want, but remember, you’re the one who’s carrying it (so make sure it’s important).

  • Backpacks
  • Survival knife
  • Tents (4-5 people per tent)
  • Headlamps
  • Travel size hand sanitizers
  • Food (Heimishe hechsherim only)
    • 4 separate liters of water
    • Trail mix (raisins and peanuts)
    • Lunch 
      • Sandwich choice of tuna or peanut butter and jelly
      • Apples or oranges
    • Supper
      • Chicken
      • Hotdogs
      • Choice of canned vegetables
      • Potatoes and Cobbed Corn
      • Pitas
      • Apples or oranges
    • Breakfast
      • Coffee
      • Pitas
      • American cheese
      • Apples or oranges

8:30 am sharp MUST be at the parking lot* for gear distribution, food prep and packing.

9:30 am – Hike into wilderness begins
11:30 am – Knife fundamentals and carving
12:30 pm – Lunch break
1:00 pm – Mincha
1:30 pm – Fire Making
3:00 pm – Camp set up
3:30 pm – Edible Wild & Food Forging
4:00 pm – Food prep
5:00 pm – Supper
6:00 pm – Wilderness Utensil making
7:00 pm – Water Purification
8:00 pm – Maariv
8:30 pm – Night Navigation & Hike
9:30 pm – Solitude Mastery
10:45 pm – Kumzitz (under a billion stars)
7:00 am – Shacharis
8:00 am – Take-down camp and repack
8:30 am – Fire, food and water preparation
8:45 am – Breakfast
9:15 am – Orientation – Rope, Knots & Shelters
10:30 am – Reach Parking lot
11:00 am – Regroup for transportation

 ⃰ We will update you on exact location as we get closer to the hike date

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