Father & Son Expedition 2.0

Spending time with your son in the wilderness can be one of the most meaningful bonding experiences that you will ever remember.

A 1-hour backpacking trek into the wilderness, learning and practicing survival shelters, water purification, fire making, survival tools, and baking flatbreads will be all part of the adventure that you and your son will enjoy.

April 29 – 30, 2021 (Lag B’omer)

Begins, Thursday 9 am: Must be at Turkey Hill Pond Parking in Harriman State Park for Gear Distribution

Ends, Friday 2 pm

  • Led by Rabbi Zev Freundlich
    – 25 years experienced Backpacking Guide and Wilderness Survivalist
    – Menahel of Yeshiva Shaarei Arazim of Monsey
    – Founder of Yaalozu Wilderness Survival Camp
  • All backpacking, orienteering, and camping gear
  • $200 per adult and $150 per child
  • You must bring your own food

When registering, please make sure to include your cell phone number and email address that you can be reached at for timely updates

What you need to bring for EACH MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM:

      1. Comfortable sneakers or walking shoes
      2. Comfortable hiking clothes; preferably non-cotton
      3. Rain jacket or poncho cap or warm hat if needed
      4. Bug spray
      5. 3 black garbage bags for waterproofing
      6. Pillow, warm sleeping bag – the temperature can go down in the 40’s.
      7. Siddur, Tallis & Tefillin.
      8. Personal hygiene, teeth hygiene, hand towel, toilet paper/ tissues as needed in a small Ziploc bag, etc. Please remember: We will be camping in the deep woods. There are no bathrooms or running water. Please think it through now, and prepare for what else you might need.
      9. Warm sweatshirt, sleeping and/or lounge clothing and footwear (the trail will be wet and muddy, you will want to change into something warm and dry,  for feet also..like crocs).
      10. Bring 2 of each; Forks, Knives, hot cups, and plates for supper and breakfast. Put them in big Ziploc.
      11. Salt, pepper packets for potatoes, sugar packets for coffee. 1 packet of coffee and hot cocoa. Small container of milk for coffee and hot cocoa. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise for supper/ lunch and/or grilled cheese for breakfast, put them all in a small Ziploc bag.
      12. 1 small hand sanitizer. 
      13. Take at least 4 liters of water per person (needed for washing hands as well). 
      14. Food PER PERSON– Please note: You may bring WHATEVER you like, these are just suggestions to what is easy, tasty and convenient.
        1. Disposable plates, forks, spoons, knife, napkins for all meals.
        2. For lunch – 4 sandwiches (2 days)
        3. Fruit for 2 lunches, supper, and breakfast; put them in a big Ziploc bag.
        4. For Supper- 
          1. 1 or 2 pieces of precooked frozen Chicken; Pack them in a heavy duty tinfoil (so they can be placed right on top of the fire to heat up) and then wrap it in a big Ziploc bag.
          2. Hotdogs
          3. Potatoes for baking. Take tin foil and wrap one layer around each potato
          4. Corn on the Cob (no tin foil needed) it’s cooks fairly quick, 
          5. Mac or Cortland apple for baked apple, Take tin foil and wrap one layer around each apple 
        5. For Breakfast –  Take 1 sandwich bag with cheese (for grilled cheese on a pita).
          1. Take 1 Piece of tinfoil for grilled pita, cheese and ketchup packet over the fire for breakfast.
          2. pitas for breakfast; put pitas and the tinfoil in a big Ziploc bag.
          3. Vegetables for breakfast put in a Ziploc bag.
        6. Optional: Energy snacks and drinks, candy, marshmallows for fire. 
  • Backpacks
  • Foam sleeping pads
  • Survival Knives (for adult to use and supervise)
  • Map and Compass
  • Tarps (to sleep in)
  • Headlamps,
  • Bungee cords 
  • Paracord 
  • 1 Cornish Hen per team
  • Survival bread for supper


9:00 am – Gear distribution
10:00 am – Map and compass
10:30 am – Backpack up mountain
12:00 pm – Reach site
2:15 pm – Knife & saw
1:00 pm – Lunch break
1:30 pm Mincha
1:45 pm –  Rope & lashing
2:15 pm –  Shelter making
3:30 pm – Fire Making
4:30 pm – Wilderness Bread baking
5:30 pm – Supper Prep
6:00 pm – Supper
7:00 pm – Kumzitz
8:00 pm – Survival bracelet making
9:00 pm – Maariv
9:30 pm – Night Navigation & Hike


8:00 am –  Shacharis
9:00 am – Food prep
9:30 am – Breakfast
10:00 am – Wilderness tool making
11:30 am – Water purification
12:00 pm – Pack-up camp
12:30 pm –  Hike back to the trailhead
2:00 pm – Reach Parking lot

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